BIG BAD JOHN is the first beer of my hypothetical future brewery, tentatively known as "Easy Rider Brewing Company." The initial look I had envisioned was to be my take on the trend of old Western inspired design growing in popularity in cities such as Austin Texas, unofficially titled the, "Austin Design Wave," by Indiana-based agency, CODO Design. At the same time, I wanted to use this opportunity to create something that is distinctly my own by trying to explore and define what my personal style looks  and feels like. When designing the label, I began by trying to mimic the Austin Design style, but my personal style quickly took over. The final product's illustration and use of shape and color feel authentic to myself, while the typography reflects my Austin design inspiration.
I used this opportunity to rethink what aluminum can artwork could look like by challenging myself to stay away from the typical rectangle label shape. I landed on a two-piece, semi overlapping design, with special consideration to unique shape and negative space. With this approach, the labels themselves serve as the artwork, allowing as to keep the interiors focused on clean typography with minimal supplemental design elements.
The final result is a product which would stand out on a shelf, without compromising on legibility or presentation of information.

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