Defining the visual identity of our Recreation & Wellness Center and the programs offered within it was certainly the largest undertaking I have experienced in my time working at the Rec, and possibly the greatest challenge I have faced in my entire career as a designer. Creating brand guidelines from scratch for a fictional company in class is an intuitive process, as you get to start from the ground up, but creating a brand out of a preexisting entity was a whole other beast.
I began the process as I would any other identity project; plenty of research. My marketing team and I surveyed the students and staff who frequented the gym to better understand our demographics. Additionally, we took a careful look at our competition to see what they were currently doing with their branding and social media presence in order to gain inspiration, as well as to see how we could set ourselves apart.
To begin developing a defined visual identity, I drew insight from what my fellow designers and I were currently doing when solving problems in our work projects. By drawing from elements from we had used consistently in the past, the Rec's new brand would still feel familiar and recognizable to our campus' community. With our newly defined visual identity, our marketing material will stand out among the other departments whom we share advertising space with, and help establish the Rec as a legitimate gym in the minds of our community.
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