From the very beginning of the project, I knew that I wanted the final product to appeal to both the older generation of record store customers who grew up with the format and still have a strong love and nostalgia for them, as well as the younger generation who are just discovering the magic vinyl and the experience of visiting a record store. My entire identity really began to take form once I created my final logo, a thick-stroked script logotype with a large solid colored drop shadow, topped with a small header featuring the city and state. The logo captures the feeling of being contemporary and modern, while not straying far from its long, established history. From here, I relied on bold and simple typography, along with a simple color palette, a mesmerizing, repeating illustration, and heavy use of distressing on a variety of elements to build upon a brand that feels simultaneously new and old, historical yet fresh, and above all; inviting to those who love music. As I was working through solutions to the visual identity of the brand, I came upon the revelation that I also had the power to give Reverb a voice, which when paired with a strong complementary visual identity, could give Reverb a tangible personality. More so than just a refreshed look, a personality provides something customers can latch onto and associate with. The goal then became, how can I make Reverb YOUR record store? That is to say, create a brand in which recordheads of all ages want to be associated with, and be proud to tell others about THEIR record store. The personality of Reverb comes across most strongly in the two posters I created which serve the purpose of playing up the physical qualities of Vinyl. The voice of Reverb in these posters give records a nearly supernatural quality; most young people today have only experienced music in the digital form, thus the experience of creating music by putting needle to groove feels supernatural in and of itself. Overall, this was one of the most enjoyable projects I have had the pleasure of working on as it combined my love for records and music with my love of visual design and I believe that is reflected in my final product, which I am very proud to share.
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